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Episode 08.

After a day passed Tony came with a plaster on his hand and face. I felt pity for him. He said he withdraw over a million he wanted to use for the wedding expenses and it was as if the robbers were tracing him because he can’t fathom how they got to know of the money.

I told him not to worry about the money or the car. All that matters was that he was alive and our wedding must hold. Nothing will stop it.
He said they also took his bank card and drained off his money that evening even before he can call his account officer to block the card everything was gone. He has not even pay for his wedding suit and shoes.

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It was a sad time for us. Tony sat on the ground crying like a child. I went to him consoling him that he shouldn’t worry that everything will be fine. I promised to take over the wedding expenses, to pay for all his wedding outfits and everything we will be needing. After saying that he felt at ease and thanked me for always been supportive.
I was happy to bring back smile to his saddened face and that was how I took over all the expenses needed for the wedding..

We got married and we had our reception. People came to celebrate with us. There was enough food and be drink and enough music to dance to. We used the expensive restaurant that we usually go to. We used their reception and a plate of food and drink there was very high in price but Tony insisted that we use there because they give quality and he was right. All that matters is quality and not quantity. Marriage is a life time thing and is better to be done well and beautifully.

And with all the people that came I covered all the million bills which made me to rundown a bit but I didn’t give it much thought. I’m married and Tony is my dream come true.

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Tony will recover all that he loosed within a year and life will be back to normal again. Tony was happy ashedrinksanddancesowell that day. He forgot all his troubles and kept ordering for different things for his friend that came to merry with us.

Every one thought he was the one spending the money because that was how he makes it seem. They don’t know that it was all my money which was not a big deal.

Everybody that came were eating and drinking to their satisfaction and I feel good that I was able to cover Tony’s shame and not make it appear it was all my money that was been poured in.

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I heard Tony saying to his friends.

“Eat… drink anything you want. I am capable. I got the money and I’m ready to spend it all because is my day. Yes… I married my woman and my everything I feel so happy. Enjoy yourselves forget about the bills and have anything you want. I have all the bills covered.

I was smiling as he called me his “everything”. He came to whisper to my ear that he needed some cash, I opened my bag and handed him enough without counting.

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I’m happy because I hav become Tony’s wife and I will make him so proud for choosing me among many other ladies that he told me he turned down.

I married my prince charming and I know our life will be like a fairytale.

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