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The Osun Election Results Are Good News For Peter Obi’s Backers


The nation’s rapidly worsening degree of insecurity, along with other societal issues, were all markers of what to expect in the next elections, and the people expected this.

The People’s Democratic Party’s Senator Ademola Adeleke, who handily defeated the incumbent Governor Oyetola, was declared the legitimately elected executive governor of Osun State yesterday.

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The outcome of the Osun State election is crucial for Nigerians since it would be the last gubernatorial election contested before the 2023 presidential elections.

Infighting within the APC was blamed by some for the party’s loss, but the Adelekes, a well-liked family throughout the state, were credited by others. Others, though, gave Davido credit for helping to educate people about the significance of supporting his uncle in the election.

It can be difficult to pinpoint the exact cause of an incumbent’s loss of power, but one thing is certain: the public was unanimity in its opposition to mediocrity.

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It has been determined that the voting process has been cleansed, and it does not favor the ruling party, also known as the locust, which has been feasting fat from the residents’ shared patrimony. This is a positive step for the LP and its presidential candidate, Peter Obi.

The APC is perceived by members of the LP as a desperate party that is determined to hold onto power despite abusing the confidence that Nigerians have placed in them. Although it claims structure, the APC fared poorly in the election.

The party that boasts of individuals like Bisi Akande, the party’s founding national chairman and a former governor of the State, as well as the same state that boasts of Iyiola Omisore, the party’s current national secretary, both failed to live up to Adeleke’s popularity.

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Additionally, several APC generals from Osun State, including Fani Kayode and Femi Adeshina, were unable to obstruct the movement of the populace.

To bring about the needed change, Nigerians must turn out in large numbers. By bolstering the INEC and assuring free, fair, and transparent elections, God has leveled the playing field for all of us. Osun has demonstrated that there is no excuse for Nigerians not to utilize their right to vote and give these scumbags a costly lesson in their own money.

Rigging has been harder once electronic transmission became common. If they put in more effort, even well-liked candidates can prevail in elections. As a result, Peter Obi will definitely win in 2023.

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The results of the Osun elections showed that Nigerians are less interested in political parties and more interested in the reputations and popularity of certain people, such as Peter Obi, who is currently in the news. Street reputation and integrity would be key factors in the 2023 presidential elections.

Nigeria is no longer Lagos, the APC and Tinubu have lost their mystique, and Osun voters said that they will support Peter Obi for president even though they had previously supported Adeleke. Nigerians are attempting to be obedient when they awaken.

The methodical destruction of the APC has already begun; all that is required is for Nigerians to stand as one and exterminate the party in order to usher in a new period of happiness, if not in 2023, then when?

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