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They have set a trap for Tinubu in the Muslim-Muslim Ticket


According to Rev. Yunusa Nmadu Jr., General Secretary of the Evangelical Church Winning All, the Muslim-Muslim ticket put forth by the All Progressives Congress, APC, is purportedly a plan for that party’s nominee, Bola Tinubu, to lose the 2023 presidential election (ECWA).

Nmadu argued that those who recommended Tinubu to select Kashim Shettima as his running mate did not have his best interests in mind and had instead set him up for failure. Shettima is a former governor of the state of Borno.

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The ECWA scribe told journalists this on Tuesday in Kaduna.

He continued by saying that the same-faith ticket was also offensive to other national religions.

To be clear, he said: “Those who are flying the Muslim-Muslim ticket in Kaduna State or at the federal level have already failed the test.

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“Neither Muslims nor Christians are interested in this, thus it is not in their best interests. Even if it is a Christian-Christian ticket with both faiths about equal, I will never vote for a candidate of the same faith.

Naturally, there are some areas where there is nothing you can do about it, particularly in a state that has a large Muslim population; in those states, you cannot go and request a Muslim-Christian ticket. This makes sense. Additionally, in some states with a large Christian population, you cannot request a ticket for a Christian or Muslim.

But I’m not sure how anyone can ever believe they can win an election in Nigeria without the participation of Christians, Muslims, or people of other faiths in their political calculations.

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This is our nation. Since our division has grown so much over the past seven years, it is expected that any new government will place more of a focus on bringing the populace together and promoting unity.

He insisted that the Muslim-Muslim ticket was useless and not in the nation’s best interests.

“I believe again, and this is just my own opinion, that they are urging him to do it because they want him to lose the election and they want him to fail and fail spectacularly.

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“The Muslim-Muslim ticket is divisive; it does not foster cohesion; it does not unite the nation. What we need now more than ever before is national unity, and we need whoever will do so while respecting everyone.

“Once more, some of the justifications they offered for the same religious ticket are so banal and so stupid. For instance, they claimed that rather than worrying about religion, we should be worried about those who are coming to fix the country.

Are we suggesting that there is just one faith that has the ability to fix the country? Furthermore, they claim that skill is a factor. I consider that to be extremely offensive.

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According to what they are stating, “We searched in accordance with custom from other faiths, but we were unable to discover anyone who is competent. That defense doesn’t hold up, he continued.


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