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This Well-Known Nollywood Actress Is Now Surviving Off Her P0rn Account


Nigerian singer and actress Cossy Orjiakor, who was born on October 16, 1984, is well-known for flashing her enormous breasts in public and in music videos. She rose to fame after appearing in an Obesere song video.

Cossy, a screen goddess in the early 2000s, vanished into obscurity as a result of a contentious article that was written about her.

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In 2002, Cossy Orjiakor gained notoriety after video of her supposedly having s3x with a dog was posted online. The video, which was purported to be a shot from a movie set, had sparked a fiery outcry, with some claiming that she had s3x with a dog after all.

Following the public outcry that greeted the scandal, the actress regretted that the producer of the film, the late Chico Ejiro kept mum while the s3x-with-dog scandal which made her a subject of ridicule before many at the time, lasted.

“My image…emotional trauma…my career everything went down the drain. I lost my sense of purpose. Up till date, no justice…no apologies…Nothing.” Cossy Orjiakor once took to her Instagram page to cry out, revealing that she reported to the Nigerian police, but nothing was done about it.

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In an interview with Premium Times, Cossy said,

“I reported the case, but the man wasn’t arrested; I was just mocked. Everybody believed the story, and I was banned from acting, and I ran away from the country; shortly after, people started saying that my father had killed me. My career finally died; that’s what they always wanted.”

Cossy Orjiakor went into Oblivion following the controversy. Producers did not send her any acting scripts, and she was not hired. As an alternative, she was stigmatized and accused of being an HIV/AIDS carrier and used as a terrible example by parents who reprimanded their children and also included in church sermons.

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“It was so bad that churches included me in their sermons; I was looked down upon. Everybody was scared because they thought I had contracted HIV/AIDS. I had to run away for my safety. But, even when I ran away, they contacted my father and told him that I acted in a pornographic movie. It was so bad.” Cossy cried out in an interview.

In 2022, the Anambra-born entertainer has started making obscene and pornographic videos in order to support her lifestyle.

When asked why she resorted to the p0rn industry, Cossy replied; “This is the best I can do after looking at my source of income for the past 20 years. What I make is enough to feed and feel good.”

Cossy who currently runs a Fansly (a free and subscription-based social media site that hosts adult content) account, once hosted an I-fan and Only-fans accounts.

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According to Glamsquad Magazine sources, she also owns giant sized mannequin s3x-dolls, with huge sized p*nises in her Lekki home she uses to “explore on her body” and entertain her subscribers.

See Cossy’s do and it’s giant p*nis covered with a blanket below:


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Cossy costs 18.99 USD on Fansly and occasionally receives tips of up to 200 USD from happy users.

Below is a screenshot of her Fansly account’s most recent activity:

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Who would have imagined that in 2022, a prominent Nollywood actress who was earning a comfortable living from her acting career in the early 2000s would start posting porn on social media for 19 USD?

When compared to celebrities like Georgina Onuoha, Victoria Inyama, Mercy Johnson, Ini Edo, and other famous actresses who were in demand at the time, Cossy Orjiakor stands out as the only one working odd jobs to support herself.

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Do you think that the Nigerian police should look into the situation and ensure that everyone involved receives justice?

What do you think about this?

Will Cossy ever reclaim her life? – Let’s Talk

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Let’s hear from you all as regards this.

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