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Tinubu congratulates Daniel Okoh the new president of the CAN


Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu, a candidate for president on the All Progressives Congress, sends his personal congratulations to Rev. Daniel Okoh for being recently elected president of the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN).

After Rev. Samson Olusupo Ayokunle’s term as head of CAN is over, Rev. Okoh was chosen on Monday to succeed him.

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Aswáj Tinubu observed that the General Superintendent of Christ Holy Church, the next CAN leader, is a deserving successor to Rev. Ayokunle, whose presidency of the CAN was marked by remarkable devotion, principle, and wisdom.

“I congratulate Rev. Okoh on his election as the new president of CAN,” Asiwaju Tinubu remarked. Noting that as Rev. Ayokunle’s assistant, Rev. Okoh had truly distinguished himself:

Nigeria can only hope for inspired and enlightened leadership from Rev. Okoh, according to the APC leader.

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One of the most significant organizations in the country is CAN. As we endeavor to create a just and compassionate society where people of all faiths and beliefs live and work together in peace and harmony, it not only seeks the welfare of the Christian community in Nigeria. It also benefits all Nigerians.

“As a country, we are in a crucial period where awful and misguided people want to sabotage social harmony and inflict violence on everyone. These terrible powers aim to inflame religious and ethnic tensions in an effort to set one Nigerian brother against another. All decent and good Nigerians must band together to oppose such plans. All well-meaning Nigerians agree that we must live in peace, accept and cherish our variety, and shun violence and hatred even though we may not always agree on everything.

We are appreciative that CAN as an organization upholds these and other principles that are a reflection of Christ’s morals and qualities. We are pleased that Rev. Okoh, the new president of CAN, is a kind and humane man who has dedicated his life to improving the lot of others. We also welcome his commitment to working with leaders of other faiths and ideologies to strengthen the ties of interfaith understanding and tolerance while promoting the advantages of democratic good governance for all Nigerians, regardless of creed or belief systems.

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“As long as we are honest and uphold these principles, Nigeria will thwart the schemes of those who want to bring division and hatred upon us.
It is my hope and prayer that Rev. Okoh’s stint as president will shine a bright light on every part of our nation and that he will be an example to all as he takes on the leadership role.

Tunde Rahman, Tinubu Media Office, July 29, 2022


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