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To combat banditry security personnel stormed and destroyed businesses at Eke-Ututu Market according to Gov. Uzodinma


Imo State Governor Hope Uzodinma has provided an explanation for the security raid that took place at Eke-Ututu Market in Orsu Local Government Area on Saturday.

Security personnel allegedly found supplies for improvised explosive devices (IEDs) in some of the market’s shops, so they raided and set those stores on fire.

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Speaking about the situation on Wednesday at the Government House in Owerri, Uzodinma said that local bandits employ IEDs to combat security personnel.

He claims that an explosion from the device killed a Major in the Nigerian Army who was on duty near Orsu Awo-Idemili last month.

He said, “Last Saturday, a joint security unit captured a bandit and used him to lead them to their base of operations and place of explosives production after he confessed.

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“It was Eke-Ututu Market, it turned out.

“They found four shops crammed with fertilizers, ammonium sulphate, and electrical equipment required in the production of explosives.”

According to Uzodinma, the Captain who oversaw the operation and another officer are both currently in serious condition at the Federal Medical Center in Owerri.

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The governor added that all of the weapons and fertilizer used by the bandits to create IEDs were found by the soldiers.

In the process, they burned down stores, which is consistent with our policy, he stated.

But they were so tactful that no innocent person perished.

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“They were able to completely destroy every store where the items were kept.”

Uzodinma expressed concern over the fact that opposition candidates decided to criticize the actions of security authorities rather than travel to the location to discover the actual circumstances of the occurrence.

The governor claimed that some people had the audacity to threaten the security forces, asking why they were even there in the first place.

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Additionally, he said that vendors were barred from entering the market unless they paid “taxes to mysterious gunmen.”

These are unlawful taxes imposed to allow people to launch their businesses.

Uzodinma declared, “This is what we have been fighting for the entire time.

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In the war against terrorism, banditry, and kidnapping in the State, Uzodinma declared that his administration would do everything it took.

It is not politics, he declared. It concerns ensuring the safety of our citizens’ lives and property.

The governor has stated that the State government will continue to assist security agencies in operating effectively.

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Uzodinma offered to replace and reconstruct the market after expressing regret over the “collateral damage” incurred during the attack.

In order to bring peace to Imo, the government would also rebuild Eke-Ututu Market.

“The Government would come up with compensation for any innocent traders who lost their goods during the process.

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Uzodinma argued that the government was accountable for reducing crime.

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