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Top 5 Tracks from “Boy Alone” by Omah Lay


Since it was released on Friday of last week, Omah Lay’s debut album, “Boy Alone,” has climbed to the top of the charts nationwide.

Without a doubt, the young musician has found success and is actually quite talented. Because of Omah Lay’s talent for those tunes, the album, which has gotten mixed reviews from critics, is certain to become a fan favorite.

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There is still a lot to unpack in this case, but I think we will come to appreciate what he accomplished as time goes on. However, these are the five tracks from the album that I am feeling the most right now.

Bend You.
The “Ye Ye Ye” era is practically over with this song. It indicates that Omah Lay has once more created a jam that exudes sex rather than just making innuendos.

With its catchy song, “Bend You” has all the makings of the next big viral hit.

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2. Woman
Earlier than the album’s release, he had already published this song. “Woman,” the third single from the album, is a straightforward Afrobeat love song. Nothing further.

With the exception of certain obscene lyrics, “Woman” is already a smash on the radio and in the streets. This is the kind of music you would hear at weddings. Really, it has that charm.

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3. Justin Bieber’s song “Attention” with attention is a wonderful bop. It’s not truly Afrobeats, though I suppose the label would apply, but the beat has groove so it doesn’t really matter. The song was a big hit as well.

4. Comprehend
This was Omah Lay’s most spectacular hit in a while and the album’s opening song.

The sequel to his 2020 mega song, “Bad Influence,” is called “Understand.” Even the subject, heartbreak, is the same. Overall, a solid song.

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5. Soso
When you’re high on psychedelics, a song like “Soso” can instantly put you in a trance because of its mystical undertones.

It stands out as the song having one of Omah Lay’s hardest performances on the entire album.

Okay, I’m done for now.

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