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Twitter Will Provide Peter Obi’s Votes According to the Atiku Group


A group named the Peter Obi Support Network has pushed Atiku Abubakar, the former vice president and the PDP’s nominee for president, to resign in favor of the Labour Party candidate (Obi).

The spokesperson for the group, Mr. Jones Onwuasoanya, asserted that Obi was more capable, prepared, and qualified for the presidency.

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He was replying to the appeal from the Atiku Support Organization that Obi postpone his choice to run for president until until 2023.

The Atiku support group, known as ASO, also stated that Obi should rejoin the PDP if he truly intended to run for president and that his political future was not with the LP.

This was said in an interview with our correspondent on Thursday by Dr. Victor Moses, the national publicity secretary of the ASO.

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Moses reiterated the position of the presumptive nominee for president, who was recently featured in an interview with Arise TV, when he indicated that Obi would need a miracle to win the general elections in 2023.

To have any impact in the upcoming elections, the Labour Party would just need a miracle. Never forget that social media does not win elections. The majority of the votes are cast by ordinary citizens who reside in rural areas and do not even have access to Twitter.

How many people from Nigeria use Twitter? That does not imply that one can ignore new media in twenty-first-century politics. In terms of elections, grassroots politics are important. Have they got it?

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“Does the organization exist? There are no members of the House of Representatives, Assembly, or governor. Who will safeguard their votes when they cast them? The agents’ names are. They lack organization. Let’s be truthful.

The presidency is not something you decide to run for when you wake up one morning, launch your campaign on social media, and believe you will win. He has a future, but it’s not in 2023 or even now.

I will advise him to join the PDP again if he needs to run in 2023 because I don’t see the Labour Party creating a structure that will be strong enough to challenge for the presidency, the politician said.

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In response, Onwuasoanya stated that Obi was more concerned with the nation’s future.

“Before we consider a political future, Nigeria must exist first. Anyone who genuinely believes in Nigeria at this point and is aware of the situation there will be aware that the country is in turmoil and on the verge of collapse.

“Right now, what we need is someone who can rebuild Nigeria, not someone who will make things worse. A candidate who is more worried about the issue will be preferred by anyone who loves Nigeria sincerely and comprehends the situation the country is in.

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“Mr. Peter Obi of the Labour Party is the person Nigerians want who is more focused on finding solutions. Instead, we ought to be pleading with Atiku Abubakar, the former vice president, to step aside for Obi given that he has also acknowledged Obi’s competence on numerous occasions.

Obi is more qualified, skilled, and prepared than Atiku to improve Nigeria at this moment than he is. He has a duty as a patriot to resign and ask his friends and followers to back Obi for what is right for Nigeria, he said.


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