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Two people are detained in Zamfara Hisbah for having sex in a parking lot


Man and woman who were allegedly having sex in public at a car park in Gusau, the state’s capital, have been detained by agents of the Zamfara State Hisbah Commission.

According to information obtained by pressloaded, the two individuals (names withheld) carried out the sexual act in front of onlookers in the vehicle park in an open field.

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When their behavior caused public humiliation, some drivers and NURTW officials swiftly contacted State Hisbah commission officials, who hurried and arrested the offenders.

The two sex offenders ignored the attention of the public and continued their immoral affair until some Hisbah agents invaded the park and detained them, according to a Hisbah (Sharia Police) official who asked to remain anonymous.

“The man and woman who engaged in public intercourse in the garage were unable to defend themselves because of the embarrassment they brought upon themselves, demonstrating their moral depravity.

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He claimed that the two sex offenders had been spotted at the Hisbah commission blaming one another for the crimes they had perpetrated.

The two accused people have already been presented before the City Higher Shariah Court in Kankuri, Gusau, according to information obtained bypressloaded.

According to the Hisbah agent who spoke with pressloaded

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Because their actions violated Islamic law and the cultural traditions of the State’s citizens, “the Sharia law will be applied to the case, whether for fornication or adultery.”

“Although there are different sentences for adultery and fornication in Islamic law,”

Added he.

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