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Uncertainty: Omokri should remove Buhari from office


A socio-political commentator named Reno Omokri said on Friday that President Muhammadu Buhari should be removed from office due to the ongoing kidnapping threat from bandits.

According to Omokri, angry bandits have threatened to abduct Buhari and Kaduna State Governor Nasir El-Rufai.

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Omokri noted that while President Goodluck Jonathan was in office, Buhari had protection, but that cannot be true of the current administration.

There is a reason these criminals want to kidnap Buhari and El-Rufai, Omokri stated in a string of tweets. They are resentful. They successfully dismantled the administration in a peaceful manner.

“Now they are dismantling the authority of those who invited them. For peace, impeach Buhari!

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“Even Buhari had a better quality of living under Jonathan. He could at least travel to Kaduna and Katsina. Now, if he tries it, bandits will take him. Who knows what contract he made with them in 2015 and broke, causing them to turn Nigeria into a war zone?

Buhari choked on the elephant’s tail after swallowing it. Examine everything he stated regarding President Jonathan. He has since surpassed him in every way.

And even in the one area, security, where it was anticipated he would perform well, he is a significant letdown. Impeach the man!

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