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We’ll switch tactics after the defeat of the APC in Osun according to Adamu


The defeat of the incumbent party in the recently held governorship election in Osun state, according to Senator Abdullahi Adamu, national chairman of the All Progressives Congress, was a test from Almighty Allah.

[/] On Tuesday, he gave an interview to the BBC Hausa Service, which was being seen in Kaduna.
He claimed that as the APC moves closer to the 2023 presidential election, it has become necessary for all party members to stop doing anything that is contrary to the APC’s objective.

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This has demonstrated the size of the task ahead of us. We need to rethink our strategy and see what we can do, he said.

We must examine ourselves to determine whether or not what we are doing on this political path is right.

What exactly are those things that are wrong?

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What requires correcting? In order to obtain the resources necessary for our journey to succeed,” he stated.

Senator Adamu, on the other hand, claimed that the loss in Osun did not, in any way, imply that the ruling party would lose the general election in 2023.

In order to win the upcoming general election, he said that the party would investigate the reasons for its defeat in the Osun election.

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Internal disputes between ardent APC supporters in Osun, according to the APC’s national chairman, were the cause of the party’s demise.

There are disagreements among party members; the Osun state APC is a juggernaut. These titans have been fighting and blaming one another, he claimed.

He outlined how these disgruntled party veterans threatened to boycott the election if their demands were not met, stating that although belonging to the same party, there was no communication between them.

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Senator Adamu stated that they have once again acknowledged that they have accepted the Osun defeat in good faith, adding that “in politics, like in other worldly concerns, one could win or lose. Nothing that we can do will help.

However, he added, “We weren’t beaten because of our lack of political skill; rather, it was because of what transpired between some party members just before the election. He said that the party had submitted to Allah’s will.

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