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Why I Swore I’d Never Be Late Again by Kate Henshaw


One thing about Kate Henshaw and the Nigerian film industry that should be known is that she is always on time.

One person you can always count on to be on time is none other than our very own Aunty Kate, regardless of whether the production runs late or other cast or crew members come late.

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How come, though? Why is Kate Henshaw constantly early? Of course, it is simple to say, “Oh, it’s just good to be on time,” and that is true, but Kate Henshaw has other motivations as well. Something happened to Kate Henshaw, and it has a deeper meaning. The reason Kate Henshaw resolved never to be late again was eventually revealed during her visit on Inkblot’s Meet and Greet. She said the following.

Kate Henshaw discussed her decision to never be late again on the Meet & Greet podcast. She said:

My acquaintance who worked for Coca-Cola wrote me a note while I was at the Ikeja A Plant, asking, “Shey you’re an actress? It was hosted at the Glover Memorial Hall in 1996 with the slogan “Your people are doing cinema award.” I went, then. Opa (Williams), Ramsey (Nouah), and other folks were sat next to me. We had just finished giggling when Obesere came up and announced my category. I wasn’t even informed that I had been nominated. When the “Best Upcoming Actress Nominees are” announcement is made, he calls my name strangely, sounding like Henshwow, even though it is not my name. As a result, I was still chatting with Ramsey. He repeatedly said the phrase Kate Henshwow. Kate, Kate, it’s you! Ramsey just tapped me. Where, I asked myself? How?” I began to sob and shake. I still recall going to get it while donning my polka-dot outfit. I had returned to my seat while trembling.

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Then Opa Williams approached me and said, “I want to shoot a movie. I told another actress to come, but I need you at my office by 8 a.m. tomorrow; I later learned that she was Uche Osotule. “Anyone who comes first will receive the position,” he stated.

He therefore stated that she would arrive at 8, and I arrived at 8:15. I lost out as a result, and I made a lifelong commitment that day to never be late for anything again.


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