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Woman describes how her mother cut off her hand (Photo)


The woman recalls how her mother reportedly chopped off her hand and slashed her face with a machete.

Glory Smart Emenuwe, an 18-year-old resident of Ezhionum in Delta State, has detailed how her mother allegedly abused her.

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The woman stated that in 2013, when her mother allegedly chopped off both of her wrists and slashed her face with a machete, she came dangerously close to being killed.

“What occurred to me may be compared to an accident because I didn’t expect it,” she said. My mother, however, was the one who hacked off my hands and cut open my face.

When I was very little and needed to go to the bathroom at night, my father ordered my mother to bring me by torchlight to the back of our house so I could do it. That was the fateful night.

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“While I knelt down to urinate, I was unaware that my mother was holding a machete. I then recall her approaching me with the machete and falling to the ground.

I was screaming as she began to slash me all over my body while I was on the ground. At that point, my father ran outside, grabbed the machete from her, and sounded the alarm to summon the neighbors.

“Unfortunately, my mother had already achieved her goal by the time my father hurried outside. My father intended to attack her with the machete as well, but the neighbors stopped him.

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“My father then called the police to have my mother taken into custody. She’s now running late, though. In 2013, the incident took place in Edo State.

The victim requested assistance from the government and Nigerians, stating:

“I’d like to start trading, but I lack the necessary startup money. I stopped going to school after first grade, but if I can find a sponsor, I’d like to finish.

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“I come from a low-income household, and I am alone. Since I have nothing to do as a result, your help will be greatly appreciated.


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