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You Deserve Groovy More Than I Do Amaka Tells Phyna on BBNaija


Amaka, a housemate from the seventh season of Big Brother Naija (BBNaija), confronted Phyna about her relationship with Groovy on Monday.

Following Amaka’s advice to inform Groovy about her emotions for him, Phyna started kissing him and they became closer over the past few days.

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Amaka was upset by this and questioned how Phyna, “her friend,” could take her boyfriend.

Since then, the two roommates have avoided one another in the house for days.

Amaka admitted that she was upset with Phyna for betraying their relationship but that she now understands that Phyna deserves Groovy more than she does because she had the courage to pursue him.

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Amaka stated to Phyna:

“Now that we’ve had this chat, we can be friends. After I told you I loved Groovy and you pursued him for yourself, I just got the impression that you didn’t respect our friendship.

“But don’t take this talk as me saying you’re evil; you deserve Groovy more because you had the guts to go after him.

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“As friends, we can begin this new chapter.”


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