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You Will Still Face Difficult Times Ballack Warns Thomas Werner


Former Chelsea midfielder Michael Ballack advised Timo Werner, a striker for the Blues, to adopt a “elbow mindset.”

The German striker needs to “turn the switch,” according to Ballack, because he is “a nice guy” and “too well-behaved.”

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In 2020, Werner left RB Leipzig for Chelsea and brought with him an impressive Bundesliga goalscoring record.

Despite only scoring 10 goals in 56 Premier League outings for the Blues, the 26-year-old has had trouble finding his form.

Ballack encouraged Werner to work on regaining his mental fortitude in order to better his predicament.

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At a media appearance in Munich, Ballack stated, “Timo has been a lot better than what he is right now in terms of personality and character.

But he hasn’t been able to make a name for himself. It is critical that he understand what is expected of him.

“Now he needs to rebuild his mental fortitude. He seems like a great guy, but he needs to find a way to turn the switch back on so he can start believing in himself again.

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“He possesses the necessary skills, but in my opinion, he lacks the “elbow mindset.”

“In my opinion, he is too well-behaved and accepts his fate.

He will continue to struggle if it doesn’t alter.

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